Quit your Job to Pursue your Passion? – with Steve Feng Du (Owner of Blue Works Vintage Clothing)

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Blue Works Vintage Clothing - Interview with Steve Feng Du

In this video interview, we get the story behind “Steve” Feng Du, the owner of Blue Works Vintage Clothing, a retail shop that specialises in vintage style clothes for the discerning gentleman. Immigrating from China 12 years ago, Steve started as an electrician in Australia. However, he always had the itch to pursue his passion for vintage-style fashion and believed that he could find a niche in the local industry.

Curating the best quality brands from Japan, the US & the UK, Steve started Blue Works in 2015 and despite a rough 1st couple of years in business, he has since developed a small but dedicated following. His hip boutique offers a mix of Japanese denim, work wear, smart casual, military style, overcoats / jackets & accessories.

I’ve walked past Blue Works new location several times in Darling Square (nestled between various restaurants & cafes) and was curious enough to ask Steve to tell his story. I appreciate Steve’s honesty & insights in this interview and hope it gives inspiration to others to start pursuing something meaningful to them and to communicate honestly to those around them, even as a new migrant in a foreign country.

Apologies for the dodgy audio – construction works & poor microphone placement are to blame, but lessons learnt!  

About Blue Works & Timestamps

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Timestamps & Topics:

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 1:02 – Steve’s Introduction
  • 1:25 – Steve’s personal struggles when opening Blue Works
  • 1:58 – The core idea of Blue Works vs fast fashion
  • 2:47 – How did Steve start Blue Works?
  • 3:20 – Living in Australia as a new migrant & overcoming cultural gaps
  • 4:12 – Final Words & additional footage
  • 4:53 – Steve’s story on Blue Works’ 1st customer
  • 5:39 – How Steve got interested in fashion (Chinese)
  • 7:25 – Steve’s thoughts on the Australian fashion scene (Chinese)
  • 8:26 – Why Vintage Clothing?
Steve Blue Works