Interview with an Aspiring Master Tailor: Noal Gurung (Founder of 1mm)

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The Road Less Travelled with Noal Gurung - Founder of 1mm (Tailor)

Given the trend to work from home due to COVID, I wanted to explore how the suit industry was coping during the pandemic. I had the chance to interview Noal Gurung, the founder of the 1mm Tailoring House in Australia to chat about:

  • Following your dreams in life
  • Breaking into the Australian fashion industry as a Singaporean Born Nepalese
  • Noal’s life story and motivations for becoming a bespoke tailor.
  • Building 1mm as a community for gentlemen
  • Being an apprentice to one of Australia’s most prominent Master Tailors – Bijan
  • The impact of COVID on the suit industry & Noal’s business
  • Why every gentleman needs a bespoke tailored suit

Some quotes from the interview:

  • “Do I want to be safe? Or do I want to actually follow what I really want to do in life?”
  • “If you’re good at what you do… people will come to you. I won’t use the excuse of being Asian and being challenged in Western culture”
  • “Suit is like armour for a guy, it’s like confidence… it’s not going to die.”
Noal Gurung 1mm
Taken from Noal's Instagram @noalgurung

About 1mm Tailor & Noal

Special thanks to Noal for letting me film at his atelier. Really appreciate his honesty and candidness about the difficulties of starting a new venture in a “dying” industry but still remaining passionate about his craft despite the barriers. Hopefully, some of you feel inspired to follow your calling in life after watching this interview.

As Noal says during the interview: “In life, you just need to enjoy what you do, and you need to just follow it…” 

If you’re in the market for a bespoke suit or simply want to find out more about Noal & 1mm, please visit:

Some photos & clips used in this video can be found on his Instagram accounts: