BordersLess is a platform for young professionals interested in exploring entrepreneurship, perspectives from Asia, professional development, leadership and diversity.

Current focus: Asians Between Borders (ABCs), Asian Diasporas and Asian-Australians.

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Tim Fung

Asian Australian Entrepreneurs: Young Rich List

Interested in startups? Click here to find out which Asian-Australian entrepreneurs made the Australian Financial Review's Young Rich List in 2020.

Sarah Liu

Women Leaders: Sarah Liu (The Dream Collective)

Founded by Sarah Liu, The Dream Collective is a global leadership consultancy, helping businesses in the Asia-Pacific build diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Brad Chan

Quiet Leaders: Brad Chan (Banna Property & HHQ)

Brad Chan is an Angel investor, mentor to startups and an active contributor to community groups with a close association with the Asian Australian community.

Jonathan Hannam

PropTech: Jonathan Hannam (Taronga Ventures)

Building a career across major markets (Sweden, Abu Dhabi, Singapore & China), Jonathan co-founded Taronga Ventures to bring together real estate, technology and innovation.

Su-Lin Tan

Meaning Over Money: Su-Lin Tan (SCMP)

Listen to this episode to hear about how Su-Lin changed careers from accounting to journalism, her thoughts on racism in Australia, and the Australia-China relationship.

Lee Kuan Yew BordersLess

Lee Kuan Yew: The Importance of Bilingualism

Born to English speaking parents, Singapore's founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, never learnt Chinese. Only in his 30s did he decide to understand his roots and reclaim his heritage.

BordersLess Taiwan

Studying in Taiwan on the Huayu Scholarship

How I applied for the Huayu Scholarship (華語文獎學金) to study Mandarin Chinese at NTNU in Taipei - an Australian perspective.

BordersLess Real Estate

Will Australian Real Estate Companies Expand to Asia?

Will we see real estate companies in Australia expand to Asia in the foreseeable future? Singapore REITs have gone global, but how about Australian REITs?

Australian Venture Capital Asia

Are Australian Venture Capital (VC) Firms Investing in Asia?

VC’s often talk about the need for their portfolio companies to go global, but are Australian VCs themselves global? I compile a list of Aussie VCs with a presence in Asia.

The BordersLess Podcast focuses on guests that have taken alternative pathways in their careers and life. It aims to encourage listeners to take risks, explore options abroad and understand international perspectives. I have show notes to most episodes on the blog page. Short snippets from the PDF Podcast are also uploaded here.

I also contribute to the Professional Development Forum (PDF) Podcast, which aims to help diverse young professionals achieve career fulfilment. For more information about PDF, click here.

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Quote of the Day

“For the first time in history, we live in a truly multi-civilizational and multipolar order. There will be no number-one nation. China’s rise does not replace the U.S. as the world’s largest economy but rather represents it joining an already multipolar global system in which there are many multi-trillion-dollar economies, including Europe, Japan, India, and others.”

– Parag Khanna, author of The Future is Asian (2017)

“The human brain is not designed to absorb all of the world’s breaking news and 24/7 emergencies, injected straight into the skull with clickbait headlines. If you pay attention to that stuff, even if you have a sound mind and body, it will eventually drive you insane.”

Naval Ravikant, founder of AngelList