Living in Japan as an Asian-Australian Foreigner (Samantha Low)

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Working & Living in Japan - Samantha Low

2021 starting with a bang with this episode garnering over 100 listens in a day.  In this episode we speak to Samantha Low on what it’s like living and working in Japan.

Formerly based in Sydney, Sam is now a Tokyo based Senior Account Manager at Critical Mass, a digital experience design agency. Find out more about her life on her website, where she regularly blogs about her life in Japan at
Topics covered in this episode:
· When and why did you come to Japan. How did you get a job?
· Is Japanese fluency essential?
· How to build a professional career in Japan (outside of teaching English)?
· What is working culture like?
· Thoughts as an Asian-Australian living in Japan
· Tips & tricks for getting settled
· Life in Australia vs Japan

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Also checkout this interview I did on YouTube where I interview a Japanese expatriate living and working in Australia:

In this video, he briefly talks about:

  • Living abroad in Australia as a Japanese salaryman (サラリーマン).
  • Cultural differences between Australia and Japan.
  • Should Japanese come to Australia to live?
  • Thoughts on the recent Australia bushfires and coronavirus outbreak.