A Career in Data: Jia Du (MD of DuData)

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Episode Themes

  • Challenges as an entrepreneur in the data industry.
  • Insights on the data industry and the different roles in data.
  • Advice for graduates and young professionals looking to build a career in data.

About Jia Du

Jia Du is the Founder and Managing Director of Dudata. She has a decade of experience extracting value from data sets in the context of sales and marketing uplift, retail site network planning, enterprise-wide restructures, regulatory reporting, fraud and financial crime identification, and dispute resolution.

About Dudata

Dudata is a company on a mission to raise the accuracy, awareness, and accessibility of data analytics to improve strategy and decision-making for businesses across Australia & New Zealand. To learn more visit https://dudata.com.au/

About PDF

PDF’s mission is to help diverse professionals reach their full potential in the Australian workplace. We believe that everyone, not the elite few, should have access to the right tools, techniques and networks to develop themselves. We believe that by becoming the best version of ourselves, we lead a more fulfilling life and inspire those around us to do the same. We do this by running open events that aim to inform, connect and inspire, and share what we learnt with our community via social media and podcasts.

Episode Topics

  • About Jia Du and experience migrating from NZ to AUS
  • Her entrepreneurial experience and challenges faced
  • About Dudata
  • The future of Data analytics in the next decade
  • How to promote a data-driven culture in organisations
  • Challenges of driving change and promoting a data-driven culture in organisations
  • Impacts of COVID in data analytics and data science field
  • Tips to having a successful career in Data
  • What areas within the field can be explored by those who are non-technical?
  • Advice for graduates or young professionals searching for employment
  • Professional associations or memberships to join to develop industry knowledge