The BordersLess & PDF Podcasts

2 podcasts I work on:

The BordersLess Podcast focuses on guests that have taken alternative pathways in their careers and life.  It aims to encourage listeners to take risks, explore options abroad and understand international markets. Current focus is on perspectives from Asia, Asian diaspora stories, entrepreneurship and Asian-Australians:

The PDF Podcast aims to help young diverse professionals achieve career fulfilment. Please visit

Featured Guests

Brad Chan

Brad Chan - CEO of Banna Property Group & Founder of Haymarket HQ

Haymarket HQ is a Sydney based co-working space that supports tech companies to start and expand into new markets, especially Asia

Sarah Liu

Sarah Liu - Founder & Managing Director of the Dream Collective

The Dream Collective is a global leadership consultancy, helping businesses build diverse and inclusive workplaces, especially women in leadership

Jonathan Hannam

Jonathan Hannam - Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Taronga Ventures

Taronga Ventures is a technology investor focused on sustainable innovation for the built environment through its deep global networks

Su-Lin Tan

Su-Lin Tan - Correspondent at the South China Morning Post (SCMP)

Su-Lin Tan is a qualified accountant and worked in investment banking and funds management both in London and Sydney before becoming a journalist

Thomas Da Hose

Thomas Da Jose - MD at Masy Consultants & Co-Founder of AASYP

Masy Consultants is a social enterprise committed to empowering communities to uplift themselves in the Philippines and wider ASEAN region

Shelli Trung

Shelli Trung - Managing Partner at REACH Australia & SE Asia (Second Century Ventures)

REACH Global is a scaleup program backed by Second Century Ventures, one of the largest proptech funds globally with a portfolio of 100+ tech investments

Shane Dillon

Shane Dillon - Founder & CEO of Cturtle

Based in Vietnam, Cturtle is a data company and employment network for university graduates globally, helping international students get graduate jobs

Elisa Chiu

Elisa Chiu - CEO of Anchor Taiwan

Anchor Taiwan is a platform for corporates, startups and investors to harness ecosystem building and venture capital for cross-border innovation