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Support Chinatown Sydney!

With the lack of international students, tourists and office workers, Sydney’s Chinatown (悉尼唐人街), located in Haymarket, has struggled immensely since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, the new Darling Quarter precinct, situated next door, has further contributed to the decline of Chinatown (briefly talked about in a prior podcast episode).

With lockdowns over (for now), I checked out the famous Chinatown Markets last Friday. I went just before sundown and was disappointed to see that the number of stores was half (or even less) of what it used to be pre-pandemic. 

However, there were some new additions, like a Squid Game inspired stall where you can purchase Dalonga (달고나) – a Korean candy made with melted sugar and baking soda. There was also a “rolled ice cream” stall, similar to the ones you see on holidays in Thailand and SE Asia. 

With live music and a small crowd, I hope to see more people come out in force to support this historic area and support CBD retail in general, like they did on Sunday with the news of the imminent closure of the long-standing Marigold restaurant. 

Let’s hope no more Chinatown establishments go under. 

Also check out the Instagram page, Soul of Chinatown for the latest on-the-ground news and insights in the precinct.

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