2020 – Year in Review

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Well… what a year! I wasn’t going to write this post but thought it would be good to review what I did this year (global pandemic and all). Instead of writing what my year was like, I’ve lazily summarised it in the following infographic (thanks Canva!):

2020 - Year in Review


I’m not one to track numbers but these were the top 3 podcast episodes this year (in no particular order):

Thank you to all my guests that have participated! Enjoyed each and every conversation and the insights given. 


This post wasn’t my greatest piece of work, but as I’ve learned this year: 1 > 0

Although the year has felt like a messy blur, I’ve realised that I’ve been fairly pro-active:

  • Started a podcast & interviewed over 15 guests
  • Learned how to edit & produce quality audio 
  • Built a website on WordPress
  • Learned a bit about social media marketing
  • Got a new job
  • Gave things a shot (e-commerce website, video editing & much more!)   

Hopefully, I can keep the momentum going and produce more quality content.

Happy holidays and wishing you all health & happiness in 2021!